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Review: Entangled by Nikki Jefford

Entangled (Spellbound #1)Book: Entangled
Author: Nikki Jefford
Series: Spellbound
Publication Date: February 20th, 2012
Publisher: Nikki Jefford (self-pubbed)
Rating: 3.5 Stars

Two months after dying, seventeen-year-old witch Graylee Perez wakes up in her twin sister Charlene’s body.

Until Gray finds a way back inside her own body, she’s stuck being Charlene every twenty-hour hours. Her sister has left precise instructions on how Gray should dress and behave. Looking like a prep isn’t half as bad as hanging out with Charlene’s snotty friends and gropey boyfriend.

The “normals” of McKinley High might be quick to write her behavior off as post-traumatic stress, but warlock Raj McKenna is the only person who suspects Gray has returned from the dead.

Now Gray has to solve the mystery of her death and resurrection and disentangle herself from Charlene’s body before she disappears for good.

***Entangled is a young adult paranormal fantasy romance suitable for ages 15 and up.***

The supernatural version of Freaky Friday! Ah, I love that movie. The Pre-Lindsay Lohan Drug Addict & Rehabbed Drama Queen days. Entangled is about a teen witch named Graylee with a particularly depraved sister. Graylee dies and gets put back in her sister's body every other day, which naturally, causes a couple of problems. Some of which are her inability to understand French every other day in French class and that she has to kiss sexy warlock Raj in her sister's body.

It does take a while for Entangled to get to the good, death-and-switched-bodies part. Jefford spends a couple pages detailing what kind of world Graylee comes from and the characters that surround her. It was fun experiencing high school through Graylee's eyes, since she has a sarcastic, jaded voice that I really enjoyed. Fortunately, this voice doesn't go away as the book progresses; in fact, it gets stronger as Graylee has to deal with her sister Charlene's body and Charlene's gropey boyfriend and insipid friends.

The plot of the book is easy to follow; I finished the book in a couple days, and I was surprised by how easily I could get sucked into it within minutes of reading. There are some questions left unanswered, like what exactly those poisonous chocolates were for, or what happened to Charlene's annoying friends, Raj's family issues, and what Graylee's mom was up to. It's a light-hearted book, with problems to be found in being unable to conjure clothing into place, or muting people, or coveting invisibility. However, this brevity also takes away from some of the more intense problems. The end happens quickly, and I felt that there wasn't enough devoted to the resolution.

Raj and Gray share the narrator's position, and I really liked Raj. He's an example of a sensitive bad boy done well, though I thought his affection for Gray was a bit sudden. It was nice reading from both their perspectives, from Gray's biting tone to Raj's harder but more regretful one. I would've loved to know what exactly happened after he handed his Zippo over, but I guess I'll have to content myself that he and Graylee are now free to suck face forever.

If you want a light read about bitchy witches, make sure to check this one out!

Thank you Netgalley for giving me a chance to read and review this book.

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